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General Requests

Rio de Janeiro:
São Paulo:

Academic Records

Rio de Janeiro

CPDOC - School of Social Sciences (Link)
Direito Rio - Rio de Janeiro Law School (Link)
EBAPE - Brazilian School of Public and Business Administration (Link)
EMAp - School of Applied Mathematics (Link)
EPGE Brazilian School of Economics & Finance (Link)

São Paulo

CPDOC - School of Social Sciences (Link)
Direito SP - São Paulo Law School (Link) (E-mail:
EAESP - São Paulo School of Business Administration (Link)
EESP - São Paulo School of Economics (Link)

Other Educational Areas

- FGV In Company (Link)
FGV Management Brasília (Link)
FGV Management Rio (Link)
FGV Management São Paulo (Link)
FGV Online (Link)

Institutes and Divisions

Brazilian Institute of Economics (IBRE) (Link)
Center for International Relations (Link)
FGV Projects (Link)
FGV Publisher (Link)
International Affairs Division (DINT) (Link)
Public Policy Analysis Division (DAPP) (Link)


Center for Regulation and Infrastructure Studies (Link)
FGV Energy – Center for Energy Studies (Link)
FGV Growth & Development (Link)
FGV Social - Center for Social Policy (Link)


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