• Webinar | Budget and Power: The Sustainability of Public Debt 22 5月 2024 18:00
    Webinar | Budget and Power: The Sustainability of Public Debt
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    日期 22 五月 2024
    时间 18:00

    Brazil faces persistent challenges regarding its public debt, which has reached historically high levels in recent years. This situation compromises the financing of public policies and hinders further development in the country. To overcome this challenge, careful management of policies that promote gradual debt reduction, control of expenditures, and increased efficiency in revenue collection is necessary. What is the solution to control public debt and ensure its sustainability? Is a shutdown the solution for Brazil? To address these challenges, it is essential to adopt a comprehensive approach that reconciles fiscal responsibility with the need for efficient governance. In this context, the School of Public Policy and Government invites experts and policymakers from the government, market, and society for a collaborative and constructive dialogue. Measures aimed at strengthening fiscal discipline, including budget reforms, debt management strategies, and initiatives to promote transparency and accountability in government spending, will be discussed.

    Pedro Paulo Carvalho Teixeira - Federal Deputy
    Jeferson Luis Bittencourt - Superintendent of the Macroeconomics Department at ASA Investments and former National Treasury Secretary

    Hadassah Laís S. Santana - Professor at the School of Public Policy and Government at FGV - FGV EPPG



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