Webinar looks at sanitation governance and responsibilities

Division of responsibilities between government and regulated utility companies will be one of the meeting’s subjects
29 四月 2021
Webinar looks at sanitation governance and responsibilities

Fundação Getulio Vargas’ Center for Regulation and Infrastructure Studies (FGV CERI) will hold a debate on April 30 about basic sanitation in Brazil. Most of the country’s people still lack access to services such as water supply and sewage collection. The webinar, called “Sanitation Governance and Responsibilities: Who Does What,” will explore the government’s and utility companies’ roles in providing these services. The webinar, part of a series of events called Demystifying Regulation, will be broadcast live at 6 pm on FGV’s YouTube channel.

The speakers will be FGV CERI Associate Researcher Gustavo Kaercher Loureiro and Egon Bockmann, graduate law professor at Paraná Federal University. FGV CERI’s director, Joisa Dutra, will be the moderator. Since the creation of Brazil’s regulatory agencies in the 1990s, the division of responsibilities between them and the government has been complex. In sanitation, although the federal, state and municipal governments have the power to make improvements, it is up to the National Water and Basic Sanitation Agency to regulate services. In this context, the role of each stakeholder and the challenge of coordinating their efforts will also be analyzed in the webinar.

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