FGV hosts 3rd Seminar on Challenges and Opportunities for Brazilian Ports

FGV Transport’s MBA in Port Management to be launched during the event.
24 十一月 2023
FGV hosts 3rd Seminar on Challenges and Opportunities for Brazilian Ports

FGV Transport is holding the Third Seminar on Challenges and Opportunities for Brazilian Ports. This public event will take place on November 28, at 8:30 a.m., in FGV’s main building in Rio de Janeiro. The event, developed in partnership with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in Brazil (Amcham), aims to deepen the debate on key issues involving the area, including the regulatory environment, port operations, agribusiness logistics, port access, innovation, the energy transition and ESG. During the event, FGV Transport will also officially launch its MBA in Port Management.

The meeting will feature experts and public officials in the area, who will address the following subjects: the 10th anniversary of Law 12,815 of 2013, which governs the federal government’s direct and indirect use of ports and port facilities and activities carried out by port operators; the “BR do Mar” coastal shipping initiative; the regulatory environment; shipping channel concessions in Brazilian ports; port access; agribusiness logistics; port innovation; and funding for the Brazilian port sector.

The opening remarks will be given by Professor Carlos Ivan Simonsen Leal, the president of FGV; Ricardo Cappelli, executive secretary of the Justice and Public Security Ministry; Rear Admiral João Alberto de Araujo Lampert, chief of staff of the Naval Operations Command; and Francisco Martins, president of the Rio de Janeiro Ports Authority. Eduardo Nery, the director general of the National Waterway Transportation Agency (ANTAQ), will then talk about the 10th anniversary of Law 12,815 of 2013.

After that, there will be a panel discussion about port operations, featuring Osmari de Castilho, director of Portonave; Alcino Therezo, people director at DPWorld; Jones Soares, maritime transportation director at Transpetro; and Vinicius Patel, port administration director at the Port of Açu. The moderator will be Sergio Aquino, president of the National Federation of Port Operations (FENOP). Dino Batista, director of navigation at the Transport Ministry, will also talk about the “BR do Mar” coastal shipping initiative.

Mario Povia, the executive director of the Brazilian Infrastructure Institute; Rafael Véras of law firm Braz, Coelho, Campos, Véras, Lessa & Bueno; and Casemiro Tércio Carvalho of 4Infra will then discuss the sector’s regulatory environment. This panel will be moderated by Ana Cândida Carvalho, a partner in the infrastructure, regulation and government affairs department at law firm BMA Advogados.

Pedro Neiva and Alessandro Marques of law firm Neiva & Marques will then talk about shipping channel concessions in Brazilian ports. After that, a panel called Port Access and Agribusiness Logistics will be presented by Silvana Alcantara, director of regulatory and institutional affairs at VLI; Cidinho dos Santos, chairman of Nova Rota Oeste 163; Ricardo Tomczyk, head of institutional relations at Amaggi; and Cristiano Della Giustina, planning director at INFRA S.A. This panel will be moderated by Murillo Barbosa, president of the Association of Private Port Terminals.

Port Innovation will be the subject of a talk by Rodrigo Gonçalves, global head of port innovation at infrastructure advisory firm Moffatt & Nichol. After that, innovation, the energy transition and ESG will be debated by Marcio Guiot, CEO of the Port of Suape; Emmanuel Delfosse, CEO of Gás Natural Açu; Gabriela Aguiar, vice president for Latin America at Excelerate; and Rebeca do Carmo Oliveira, vice president for finance at the Port of Pecém. The panel’s moderator will be Eduardo Lustoza, director of business development and regulation at the Port of Santos.

The discussions will be capped off by Tiago Toledo Ferreira, head of the Transportation and Logistics Department at Brazil’s national development bank, BNDES, who will talk about port sector funding in Brazil. The closing speech will be given by Mariana Pescatori, national secretary for ports and waterway transportation.


FGV’s main building
186 Praia de Botafogo, Rio de Janeiro

To take part, please sign up here.

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