Social impact: FGV and innovation in public policy and budgeting

Discover FGV’s Social Impact Report and understand how FGV is contributing to the modernization of public management and the efficient allocation of resources.
08 二月 2024
Social impact: FGV and innovation in public policy and budgeting

Innovation in public policy and budgeting has become increasingly relevant in a world that is constantly changing. Amid rapid technological development, population aging, climate change, urbanization and socioeconomic inequalities, traditional approaches often prove ineffective at dealing with society’s current demands.

In this context, governments and other institutions have been looking for innovative ways to develop and implement public policies and budgets that are more agile, efficient and adaptable. Through an approach based on research and practical experience, FGV plays a significant role in improving the effectiveness and efficiency of government policies in various sectors, such as education, finance, taxation and public administration.

In the field of education, FGV collaborates with governments and third sector organizations to implement innovative and high-quality initiatives in education systems. These projects aim to improve the training of teachers, managers and technicians, as well as expanding access to excellent education for a large number of students.

Literary Paths Project

The Literary Paths Project is run by the Vale Foundation in partnership with the state government of Maranhão, 24 municipalities along the Carajás Railroad and FGV. This initiative, aimed at first, second and third-grade students at government schools, seeks to guarantee the right to high-quality education for around 70,000 children in Maranhão, strengthening the process of learning to read and write.

In the financial and tax spheres, FGV works in partnership with domestic and international organizations to conduct studies to assess the effectiveness and efficiency of fiscal and monetary systems. The research carried out provides valuable insights to support public policies and reforms designed to improve Brazil’s competitiveness, income distribution and sustainability.

Impacts of universal basic income system in a country with a large informal economy

An FGV study set out to analyze the implications of introducing a universal basic income policy in a country with a large informal economy, considering labor market frictions, incomplete markets, risk-averse workers and wide differences in professions and wealth.

FGV also invests in training public managers, offering training and refresher programs that address topics related to innovation, technology and management best practices. Through these programs, public managers are prepared to implement innovative and effective public and budgetary policies in line with the demands and needs of society.

Regional Public Policy Coordination Program

This program was aimed at developing partnerships between municipal governments and the Sao Paulo branch of the Brazilian Micro and Small Enterprise Support Service (SEBRAE), in order to execute public policies for small and micro enterprises and entrepreneurship. FGV acted as a catalyst for relations between different local leaders.

About FGV’s Social Impact Report

The Social Impact Report presents FGV’s intellectual output, including facts, figures, research projects and survey results across different areas of the institution. It describes FGV’s range of activities and the positive changes it generates in society.

In line with FGV’s mission to stimulate Brazil’s socioeconomic development, the document presents data and highlights regarding the organization’s evolution in its main areas of impact, whether through projects, initiatives or activities focused on innovation in public and budgetary policies, the green economy, human rights and social development, national defense and security, and global productivity and cooperation.

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