São Paulo Law School discusses power of Brazilian shareholders at an event in the United States

21 十月 2013

Érica Gorga, professor of FGV's São Paulo Law School, participated in the 16th Annual Conference of Law and Economics at Vanderbilt Law School - held in partnership with the National University of Singapore. 26 professors attended the event, which accounted for 15 higher education institutions in five countries (United States, England, Italy, Singapore and Brazil).

In her presentation, Érica analyzed the power of shareholders in Brazil, and discussed the effects of greater ownership dispersion for the rights of the New Market's minority shareholders and the problems of shareholder participation in general meetings.  According to BM&F Bovespa's nomenclature, New Market is the set of companies that are at the most advanced level of corporate governance, voluntarily committing themselves to practices that exceed the requirements of the legislation with regard to corporate governance and the rights of shareholders.

In August, Érica Gorga took over the administration of the Business Law Studies Center of John R. Raben/Sullivan & Cromwell at Yale University's Law School, where she is also an associate researcher.

Vanderbilt Law School is located in the city of Nashville, Tennessee, in the United States.

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