FGV's School of Social Sciences celebrates 40 years with a party at Rio's Art Museum

04 九月 2013

FGV's School of Social Sciences celebrated its 40 years last Thursday, August 29, with a party at Rio's Art Museum - MAR. As well as FGV's vice-president, Sergio Quintella, and CPDOC's director, Celso Castro, the event was attended by the School's employees, students and fellow workers.

Created in 1973, the Research and Documentation Center of Contemporary History of Brazil originated with the donation, to FGV, of the personal files of Getúlio Vargas - today fully available on the internet at the address www.fgv.br /cpdoc. (Page in Portuguese)

The first file has attracted many others - today there are 200 in total. The search in the archives committed the researchers of the Center to investigations about the Brazilian contemporary reality from 1930.

Recently, the School of Social Sciences, which in the 2000?s has incorporated teaching to its activities, became FGV's School of Social Sciences, expanding its activities to São Paulo as well.

The archives of the School of Social Sciences are available for free public consultation, providing a source for academic research, books, movies, and many other components that help us to understand and enrich the Brazilian history and culture.

*In the photo, FGV's vice-president and his wife, Sergio Quintella and Teresa Quintella, and the School of Social Sciences' director, Celso Castro.

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