Russian Federation Ambassador speaks at FGV

26 四月 2013

FGV?s International Relations Center, based at the School of Social Sciences /CPDOC promoted a lecture with Russian Ambassador Sergey Akopov, on Monday, April 22, to talk about the importance of Russia in the BRICS.


The event also counted on comments by International Relations Professor and CPDOC's coordinator in São Paulo, Oliver Stuenkel, and Professor Guilherme Casarões.


About Sergey Akopov


Sergey Akopov graduated in the State Institute of International Relations in Moscow together with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the USSR in 1976, and immediately joined the diplomatic service.


He served in Embassies in Costa Rica (1976-1980), in Brazil (1983-1988) and Chile (1990-1996). From 1999 to 2003 he was Minister-Counselor of the Russian Federation Embassy in Brazil. Between 2005 and 2010 he was deputy director of the Latin America Department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Russian Federation.


Since 2010, he has been Ambassador of the Russian Federation in the Federal Republic of Brazil.

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