DIREITO RIO debates ethnography of elites at a seminar in France

26 四月 2013

On April 22, FGV DIREITO RIO's Law Professor, Fernando Fontainha, participated in the seminar Ethnography of contemporary elites organized by Professor Sylvain Laurens, from EHESS (School for Advanced Studies in Social Sciences in Paris), France. He gave a lecture on Ethnography of judicial elites.


Professor Fernando Fontainha talked about his doctoral thesis, where he studied the recruitment of the French judiciary, and made a comparative analysis to research that he has been carrying out in Brazil, at FGV - such as the appointment of ministers to the Supreme Court (STF) and the recruitment through civil service exams in the federal public service.


The event consists of a series of lectures on elites' ethnography for PhD students in Sociology at EHESS, conducted by researchers from different parts of the world for four months. According to Fernando Fontainha, what Sylvain Laurens has in mind is to organize, after the seminar, a book with articles written by the speakers.


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