FGV's Law Schools debate competition in the telecommunications sector at global legal event

11 四月 2013

Professors at FGV's Law Schools in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro will participate in the 24th Annual Conference on Competition Law in the Telecommunications Sector, scheduled for the 29th and 30th of April, in Rio de Janeiro. The meeting - organized by the International Bar Association (IBA), a global body which brings together leading lawyers from around the world, and Ibrac (Brazilian Institute of Competition Law) - is one of the most important events in the global legal calendar and it will take place in Latin America for the first time.


For Caio Mario da Silva Pereira Neto, Competition Law Professor of DIREITO GV, the program focused on topics that are crucial to the development of the communications market, especially in the global scenario. The professor will be moderator at the table on network neutrality, along with the Chilean Alfonso Silva, regional representative for Latin America and member of IBA's Communications Law Committee. The speakers at this table will be lawyers Ana Paula Bialer (Brazil), Christian Hocepied (Belgium) and Cristian Sepulveda (Chile).


Leonor Cordovil, Professor of the Continuing Education Program of DIREITO RIO, is the moderator of the table that debates the recent progress of antitrust rules applicable to Internet companies, alongside Philippe Rincazaux, IBA's antitrust committee. The exhibitors will be Miguel Del Pino, from Buenos Aires and Maurits Dolmans, from Brussels.


Professor Carlos Ragazzo, of DIREITO RIO, will open the second day of the event. Ragazzo highlights the fact that the conference addresses the major mergers in Communication, Broadcasting and Content - which will be discussed at the table on Convergence, mergers and acquisitions in communications and the technology industry.


Other issues related to market regulation, mergers and acquisitions, disputes related to intellectual property (such as the one that recently involved Apple and Samsung) will also be considered at the meeting, which will be all conducted in English.


Registration is now open. Click here for more information.


Visit the event website for program details.

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