FGV debates global development in Washington DC

04 四月 2013

In March, Fundação Getulio Vargas (FGV) participated in the Council of Councils (CoC) second annual meeting - an international initiative created by the Council of Foreign Relations that brings together the leading think tanks from around the world. The council is based in the United States and discusses key issues of global concern with specific focus on foreign policy and security, emerging threats, research and collaboration policy.

FGV is one of the founding members of CoC, which includes the main institutions of nineteen countries, all belonging to the Group of Twenty (G20). FGV's President, Carlos Ivan Simonsen Leal, CPDOC's professor and FGV's International Relations Center coordinator, Elena Lazarou, are representatives of FGV at CoC.

At the meeting, Elena Lazarou, DIREITO RIO's professor, Ronaldo Lemos and IBRE's researcher, Lia Valls, participated in the debates on global development, Internet governance and trade.


Elena Lazarou highlights the importance of the work of FGV's International Relations Center in the project. On one hand, we come into contact with thoughts on international and global issues in an environment where debate is encouraged. On the other, it is also an excellent opportunity for FGV's units to work together. For a Center that offers classes for students in all of FGV's schools, this exchange is very important. CoC's second meeting took place in Washington, DC. Other meetings were held in Moscow and Singapore.

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