DIREITO RIO's professors teach course in Tilburg

25 一月 2013

Professors Paula Spieler and Luci Oliveira are in Tilburg, the Netherlands, to teach the winter program on human security, until January 26. According to Professor Paula, the course aims to provide students with a comparative perspective on the topic.


The Inter-American System of Human Rights in the light of two Brazilian cases is the theme of the lesson of Professor Paula Spieler. As for Professor Luci Oliveira, she will talk about the Peacekeeping Police Units (UPPs).


The workshop is sponsored by DIREITO RIO and DIREITO GV, as well as Tilburg University and Northwest University, in South Africa.


Nine students participate in DIREITO RIO's program, one from DIREITO GV, 10 from Tilburg, and 10 from Northwest.

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