FGV launches free content portal for High School students

10 一月 2013

In September, the Foundation launched FGV's portal Ensino Médio Digital - which offers free content aimed at students and candidates for the National Secondary Education Examination (ENEM), in a partnership between Editora FGV and FGV Online.

The portal offers over 4,600 questions and 90 classes related to the areas of knowledge required in ENEM (Natural Sciences, Humanities, Mathematics and Languages and their technologies). The classes are divided into 15 courses, which account for more than 350 hours of online classes. Our mission as a Foundation is to stimulate the socio-economic development of the country, which comprises education, among many other things, stressed FGV's president, Carlos Ivan Simonsen Leal, in a statement to the newspaper O Estado de São Paulo.

The class model is different from the ones adopted by major U.S. universities or the Khan Academy: in FGV Ensino Médio, animated characters, rather than teachers, present the proposed content. And in order to build the questions database, a network of teachers from public and private schools was set up.
FGV's portal Ensino Médio Digital shall publish 1,400 questions until April of next year, causing the database to reach the total of 6,000 available questions. From these, 5,000 follow exactly the format used by ENEM.

The Foundation presented the new model of database questions to the Ministry of Education. Our database will be an instrument to demand improvements in high school education, says Simonsen Leal.

To get to know FGV's portal Ensino Médio Digital, click here.


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