IBRE makes an analysis of the Brazilian economy during a seminar

06 九月 2012

IBRE will carry out on September 10, in Rio de Janeiro, the Conjunctural Analysis Seminar ? an assessment of the current performance and perspectives in the short and middle run regarding the Brazilian economy. Another purpose of the event is to disseminate to a broader audience an extensive array of indicators, statistics and researches, both qualitative and quantitative, produced by the institute.

The Seminar, which had previous editions, mainly emphasizes the quantitative analysis of the Brazilian economy perspectives, from the results of a macroeconomic model developed by IBRE, as well as addresses the options of economic policies approached by several thematic analyses, including topics such as the progression of the level of activity, employment and income; performance of agriculture and cattle raising, industry, trade and services; analysis of the external sector and international economy; inflation and monetary policy; and fiscal policy.

The event is open to the public and enrollment is free. For further information send an email to seminarios_ibre@fgv.br .


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