2023 FGV university entrance exam: learn about our International Relations Course

A degree in international relations from FGV opens the door to working in a wide range of global professions.
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05 九月 2022
2023 FGV university entrance exam: learn about our International Relations Course

International relations is the study at how politics and economics shape the behavior of countries, banks, media groups, other types of companies, international organizations, individuals and societies.

A degree in international relations from FGV opens the door to working in a wide range of global professions. Here are some examples:

International organizations

Project management and impact assessments at organizations such as the UN General Secretariat, UNICEF, UN High Commissioner for Refugees and World Health Organization.

Project monitoring and data management at institutions such as the World Bank, International Monetary Fund, Inter-American Development Bank, World Trade Organization and BRICS Bank.

Financial markets

Measurement and assessment of political risk for domestic and foreign private banks, stock exchanges and hedge funds in Brazil and abroad.

Political risk

Analysis for political risk consultancies, identification of solutions for image crises, advice for lawmakers, public sector lobbying for private companies, development of social campaigns, advocacy, and promotion of corporate social responsibility initiatives.

Business world

Institutional relations work for multinational companies and startups with global reach; business diplomacy, trade promotion and foreign trade; and advice to negotiation teams involved in turbulent situations.

Civil society

Development of projects for organizations of global reach such as Greenpeace, Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International or international philanthropic organizations such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Ford Foundation and the Fulbright Foundation.

Fundraising and advocacy campaigns for local organizations that are small and so need to maximize and accurately measure their social impacts.

Public sector

Management, negotiation and interpretation of complex data for organizations such as the Foreign Ministry, national development bank (BNDES), Federal Police, Petrobras, and Ministry for Industry, Foreign Trade and Services.

International support for the Senate, House of Representatives and superior courts.

International consultancy for municipal and state governments.


International coverage for the mainstream press (newspapers, blogs and television); communication advice for governments, international organizations or private companies; media training and global image management for individuals, brands or governments.


An undergraduate degree in international relations can lay the foundations for a graduate program at one of the world’s best universities, to prepare for a career in research and/or teaching in international relations.

FGV’s International Relations Course

FGV’s International Relations Course aims to transform the professional horizons of Brazilian students who are interested in pursuing a global career. It is a program designed to equip students with the skills and competencies needed to work in international organizations, investment banks, non-governmental organizations, political risk consultancies, multinational companies, and media and communication firms or pursue a career in applied research.

During the course, students explore topics related to geopolitics and diplomacy, conflicts and humanitarian crises, the global economy and finance, international development cooperation, negotiation techniques in multicultural contexts, public policy evaluation and big data.

Learn about FGV EBAPE

Find out more about the course here.


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