FGV accepting applications for third National Insurance Brokers’ Exam

Application deadline is November 11 for in-person exam and November 15 for remote version.
21 九月 2022
FGV accepting applications for third National Insurance Brokers’ Exam

FGV Knowledge, authorized by the Brazilian Private Insurance Regulatory Agency (Susep) to train and test insurance market professionals, is now accepting applications for the third National Insurance Brokers’ Exam. The aim is to authorize those who pass the exam to work as insurance brokers and guarantee high standards of quality in the insurance industry by ensuring that brokers have the knowledge required to perform this function.

The exam may be taken in “in-person online” or “remote online” format, using the platform provided by FGV Knowledge. The exam will take place over two days, covering the subjects of lottery bonds, life insurance, pensions and casualty insurance.


The application period for the in-person online exam is September 19 to November 11 and the deadline for paying the application fee is November 12. The application period for the remote online exam runs until November 15 and the application fee payment deadline is November 16.

Candidates may apply on FGV Knowledge’s insurance website.

Exam calendar

The test about lottery bonds will be on December 3, from 2 pm to 4 pm. The test about life insurance and pensions will also be on December 3, from 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm. The test about casualty insurance will be on December 4, from 2 pm to 6:30 pm, including a 30-minute break starting at 4 pm.

The preliminary results will be disclosed on December 6. Appeals related to any questions must be filed on December 7 or 8. The final results are scheduled to be disclosed on December 28. The certificates will be sent out after the final results have been released, after candidates apply for them and prove they comply with the prerequisites.

The complete rules can be found here.


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