FGV accepting external transfer and diploma-holder applications

There are places available on FGV’s undergraduate courses in Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and Brasilia.
12 五月 2022
FGV accepting external transfer and diploma-holder applications

Fundação Getulio Vargas (FGV) is accepting applications for its external transfer and diploma-holder selection process, which is designed to fill remaining places for the second half of this year. There are places available on FGV’s undergraduate courses in Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and Brasilia.

Rio de Janeiro

In Rio de Janeiro, the available courses are as follows: Administration (FGV EBAPE, 10 places), Law (FGV Rio de Janeiro Law School, 20 places), Economics (FGV EPGE, 10 places), Social Sciences (FGV CPDOC, 15 places), Applied Mathematics (FGV EMAp, 10 places), and Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (FGV EMAp, five places). All the courses feature morning classes, apart from Administration and Law, whose classes are full time (in the morning and afternoon).

Sao Paulo

In Sao Paulo, there are places available on the International Relations course (FGV RI). There are five places for the second semester (full time) and another five for the fourth semester (mornings). The Public Administration course has 17 places, of which nine are for the second semester and eight are for the third semester, both in the morning.


The School of Public Policy and Government (FGV EPPG) in Brasília also has vacancies on its Public Administration course. In all, there are 20, including 10 for the second semester and 10 for the fourth semester, all full time.


Candidates who are regularly enrolled in higher education courses authorized by the Brazilian Education Ministry or whose enrolment is suspended may apply for the external transfer process. Courses taken or in progress abroad must be recognized in the country of origin. The courses must be in the same area or a related one.

Candidates who are completing their first semester of an undergraduate degree or higher technological course, if they pass the selection process, will only be able to do the pre-matriculation stage if they demonstrate they have completed at least one year at their institution of origin and their overall score for the subjects taken must be at least 75%. (FGV EAESP requires a score of 60%, while FGV EPPG requires a score of 50%.)

People who already have a higher education diploma recognized by the Brazilian Education Ministry may also apply. In the case of an undergraduate diploma obtained at an education institution abroad, the document must be certified by the Brazilian embassy or consulate in the country of origin of the diploma or certified in accordance with the Hague Convention and presented together with a certified translation.

The application fee for all courses is R$150. Only one application per candidate will be accepted. The selection process consists of a written evaluation and interview for FGV CPDOC, FGV EMAp and FGV’s Rio de Janeiro Law School. For the latter, there will also be an eliminatory academic assessment. FGV EPGE and FGV EBAPE will have a writing exam and interview.

In Sao Paulo, FGV RI will only hold an interview with the candidates. Candidates for FGV EAESP will have to write an essay about contemporary Brazil and there will also be an interview and assessment of documents. EPPG will analyze candidates’ documents and interview them.

To take part in the selection process for FGV’s schools in Rio de Janeiro, candidates must apply on the website no later than 6 pm on June 10.

Candidates for the International Relations course in Sao Paulo have until June 7 to apply. For the Public Administration courses, at both FGV EAESP and FGV EPPG, the application deadline is 6 pm on June 22.


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