FGV launches book, “The Missing Link: Culture, Productivity and Competitiveness”

Book sums up two decades of research and consulting work in management of culture and productivity at large companies in Brazil
12 三月 2021
FGV launches book, “The Missing Link: Culture, Productivity and Competitiveness”

FGV Press, in partnership with the Brazilian School of Public and Business Administration (FGV EBAPE), will launch a book called “O elo perdido: cultura, produtividade e competitividade” (“The Missing Link: Culture, Productivity and Competitiveness”) on March 29, at 6 pm. It presents the lessons learned by the book’s organizers, Carmen Migueles and Marco Tulio Zanini, from two decades dedicated to applied research and consulting regarding culture, human factors that affect competitiveness and risk management. Culture management is the missing link that connects Brazil’s potential as a nation to its capacity to generate wealth.

Brazil has abundant natural resources and numerous highly qualified people, but it ranks very poorly for competitiveness, productivity and innovation. How is this possible?

This book seeks to answer this question, presenting research aimed at understanding and unraveling the puzzle of Brazil’s poor competitiveness compared to other countries and its difficulties in solving internal organizational problems that are obstacles to prosperity. This is the “missing link” that can connect Brazil’s potential as a nation to its capacity to produce wealth.

The book’s main contribution is to identify the elements of culture that explain Brazil’s historical difficulties in occupying a place among the most developed economies. There is a disconnect between the country’s potential, considering its natural and human resources and its productive capacity. There is a lot of talk about innovation and value creation, but Brazil has found it very hard to coordinate collective actions compared to other developed countries.

The book suggests ways in which Brazil could improve its performance in competitiveness, productivity and innovation rankings. Companies and entrepreneurial activity will be key to making a sustainable change toward greater competitiveness and productivity.

FGV Press is organizing a discussion to launch the book. The event will feature three people who have master’s degrees in business management from FGV EBAPE, José Roberto Vieira de Resende, Alexandra Lauro de Paiva and Grace Aparecida de Oliveira Melo; as well as Professor José Mauro Gonçalves Nunes, also of FGV EBAPE. The discussion will be moderated by the book’s organizers, Carmen Pires Migueles and Marco Tulio Zanini.

For more information about the book, see FGV Press’s website. To take part in the launch event, sign up here.


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