FGV launches institutional website in Chinese

The initiative places FGV as the first higher education institution in Brazil to provide an institutional site in Mandarin.
16 五月 2018
FGV launches institutional website in Chinese

In order to strengthen relations between Brazil and China, FGV is launching the Chinese version of FGV Portal today. The initiative places FGV as the first higher education institution in Brazil to provide an institutional site in Mandarin.

“There are 350,755 Chinese students enrolled in universities in the U.S., accounting for 32.5% of the total of 1.08 million foreign students in the country, according to the latest report published by the Institute of International Education (IIE), from November 2017. We see an opportunity to attract these Chinese students to Brazil, bringing knowledge and diversity not only to FGV, but to the country as a whole”, said FGV’s Director of Communications and Marketing, Marcos Facó.

FGV currently has academic partnerships with eight Chinese institutions and has been strengthening relations with the country, which is Brazil’s main trading partner today. Another example of this effort is FGV’s launch of the Nucleus for China-Brazil Studies last year, under the mission of analyzing regulatory issues in Brazil, including advances made in this area and the challenges faced by Chinese companies.

The nucleus has held a series of events to discuss Chinese-Brazilian relations, such as the “Brazil-China Initiative: Chinese investments in Brazil and the role of arbitration, mediation and online conflict resolution”, which is being held this Wednesday, May 16, at FGV’s Cultural Center, and is being attended by a Chinese delegation comprising more than 25 people. The event compares Brazilian and Chinese views on arbitration and alternative means of dispute resolution, including online conflict resolution.

FGV also played a significant role in the “1st Brics Think-Tank Forum on Pragmatic Cooperation”, held in Shanghai; the BRICS Think Tank Symposium on BRICS Economy and BRICS Cybersecurity, held in Chongqing; and the debate series “Brazil and the International Order: Building Bridges or Raising Barriers?” held by the Committee on Foreign Relations and National Defense (CRE); and the “1st Brazil-China Seminar: Regulatory and Legal Challenges for Chinese Companies and Investments in Brazil”, held in Rio de Janeiro.

The Mandarin version goes live one year after the launch of the new version of the FGV Portal, already available in Portuguese and English. The website follows major technological trends and delivers information to users through a simpler and more intuitive interface.

Go to www.fgv.br/cn to check out FGV’s new portal in Mandarin.


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