FGV offers 146 places for transfers and readmission in second half of year

Applications for Sao Paulo and Brasilia must be made by June 5. The deadline for Rio de Janeiro is June 21.
20 五月 2020
FGV offers 146 places for transfers and readmission in second half of year

Fundação Getulio Vargas is offering 146 course vacancies in the second half of this year across its schools in Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and Brasilia. These opportunities are for its selection processes for external transfers and for diploma-holders (readmission). Candidates in Sao Paulo and Brasilia have until June 5 to apply. In Rio de Janeiro, the deadline for applications is June 21.

In Rio, the opportunities are distributed across the following courses: Administration (20), Data Science (17), Economics (15), Social Sciences (15), Law (20) and Applied Mathematics (6). In Sao Paulo, there are 25 vacancies for Public Administration and 18 for International Relations. In Brasilia, there are 10 places for Public Administration.

The external transfer process is open to students who have already started their course at another institution and wish to move to FGV. The process for diploma-holders (readmission) is aimed at people who want to do another undergraduate degree. FGV also offers several kinds of scholarships, which vary from school to school. You can see the full details in the selection process’ public notice.

After paying the application fee, students must upload the requested documentation. All communications will take place using the email address specified on the application form, and candidates are responsible for complying with the selection process’ stages and the institution’s instructions.

In Sao Paulo, candidates will be selected following analysis of their documents and an interview, which will be held via Zoom or Skype on June 16. The results will be announced on June 23, after 6 pm. The successful candidates must upload the requested documentation by July 2, by which time they must also matriculate in person.

In Brasilia, the interviews will take place in person (for local residents) and through digital platforms (for candidates in other locations), between June 16 and 18. The results of this phase will be announced on June 23, after 6 pm. The required documentation must be sent between the latter date and July 2. In-person matriculation will take place on July 2.

In Rio de Janeiro, candidates for the Administration, Data Science, Economics, Social Sciences and Applied Mathematics courses will be selected based on analysis of their resumes, an essay and an interview. Law course candidates will have an interview and a written assessment, in line with the bibliography specified in the public notice. Law course candidates who scored more than 750 points in the 2017, 2018 or 2019 edition of the National High School Exam (ENEM) may request exemption from the written assessment.

The interview and essay and/or written assessment (for the Law course) will take place in person at the respective schools on June 29. The results will be announced on July 7. Between July 13 and 17, future students must upload their documents and matriculate in person (this will be scheduled in advance).

The beginning of the school term in Sao Paulo, Brasilia and Rio de Janeiro is scheduled for August 3. If the public authorities impose limitations on people’s mobility and the operations of institutions due to COVID-19, FGV will give candidates alternatives to in-person matriculation. FGV’s classes at all schools are being held remotely, through digital platforms.

Selection process applications may be submitted online until 6 pm on the last day of applications. All current selection processes can be accessed on FGV’s website.

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