FGV supports development of monitoring tool for Sao Paulo City Goals Program

Strategic Monitoring System, the result of a partnership with FGV Projetos, brings modernization and efficiency to public management.
13 五月 2024
FGV supports development of monitoring tool for Sao Paulo City Goals Program

The municipal government of Sao Paulo has taken an important step in modernizing its management and improving its efficiency by making the Strategic Monitoring System (known by Portuguese initials SMAE) the official tool for tracking the city’s Goals Program. SMAE was developed by Fundação Getulio Vargas’ technical consulting arm, FGV Projetos, for the municipal government’s Executive Secretariat for Planning and Priority Deliveries (SEPEP), and it was officially executed through Municipal Decree 63,336 of April 10, 2024.

“SMAE is a strategic tool designed to enhance the monitoring of the goals set by the municipal government and optimize the results of public policies. Two modules are already active (encompassing the Goals Program and Strategic Projects), and new functionalities are under development. SMAE establishes more efficient processes for evaluating public policies, strengthening municipal management through a strategic approach based on indicators and results,” explains Lincoln Koyama, the executive manager responsible for the project.

Fernando Chucre, the municipal government’s executive secretary for planning and priority deliveries, says, “The officialization of SMAE as a monitoring system for the Goals Program represents an important milestone for the city, enabling effective tracking of targets, as well as providing guidelines for the preparation of future planning instruments and promoting a culture of monitoring and evaluation throughout the municipal administration. SMAE also makes it possible to identify areas for improvement, contributing to the continuity of public policies across different administrations.”

SMAE, as a tool for monitoring goals, public policies and strategic projects, and in future for implementing lawmakers’ amendments earmarked for the municipality, may become a model for other municipalities and states, promoting the modernization and effectiveness of public management. Furthermore, it should be noted that SMAE is an open-source system, increasing its transparency and enabling different stakeholders to contribute to the continuous improvement of public management.

FGV Projetos, which specializes in developing solutions and products for the public sector, stands out for its contribution to modernizing government strategies and fostering innovation through digital transformation. With a focus on user experience, FGV Projetos is contributing to the formation of an ecosystem of government technologies, making SMAE a transformative tool to boost the progress and effectiveness of public policies in Sao Paulo and throughout Brazil. 

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