FGV wins 2022 CAPES-Elsevier awards in two categories

FGV came top in the “Growth of Scientific Output” and “Scientific Papers Mentioned in Public Policies” categories.
16 十二月 2022
FGV wins 2022 CAPES-Elsevier awards in two categories

Fundação Getulio Vargas was one of the winners of the sixth edition of the CAPES-Elsevier Awards, coming first in two categories: “Growth of Scientific Output” and “Scientific Papers Mentioned in Public Policies.” In all, awards were given to 13 Brazilian education and research institutions that stood out for the excellence of their scientific production. The aim of the awards is to celebrate Brazilian efforts related to scientific output in internationally important aspects.

According to FGV’s provost, Antonio Freitas, it was an honor to receive this recognition. “These CAPES-Elsevier awards are a collective achievement and an inspiration to the FGV community. Researchers and employees, through hard, focused and resilient work, turned dreams into reality, boosting our country’s socioeconomic development,” he said.

The winners were selected in line with scientific production indicators taken from Elsevier’s SciVal tool, which offers fast and easy access to the research results of more than 20,000 institutions in 230 nations across the world. The methodology was based on a variety of indicators set out in the “Research Metrics Guide Book” and the period analyzed was 2017 to 2021.

To select the winners, percentages rather than absolute numbers were used. For example, the percentage growth in scientific output between 2017 and 2021, rather than the total number of papers published, was used in the “Growth of Scientific Output” category. The only exception was the “Contribution to COVID-19 Research” category, in which the total number of articles was considered.   

FGV won the “Growth of Scientific Output” category based on two criteria: percentage growth in scientific production between 2017 and 2021, and percentage growth in the number of sub-areas of knowledge in which the institution published articles. For the other category won by FGV, “Scientific Papers Mentioned in Public Policies,” there was just one criterion: the percentage of articles that were mentioned in a public policy (local, national or international​).


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