Nobel Laureate in Economics gives lecture on digital revolution in the financial system

Eric Maskin will give the lecture about: “Legal Decisions and Economic Incentives”.
03 六月 2019
Nobel Laureate in Economics gives lecture on digital revolution in the financial system

On June 7, FGV’s Rio de Janeiro Law School (Direito Rio) will be holding the Seminar “O Direito e a Revolução Digital no Sistema Financeiro” (“Law and the Digital Revolution in the Financial System”). The event will be held at the FGV Main Office in Sao Paulo (Rua Itapeva, 432, Bela Vista, São Paulo, SP) and will be attended by Eric Maskin, Nobel Laureate in Economics, for the keynote lecture, in addition to the presence of ministers of supreme courts, appeal judges, academics, and agents of the financial market.

The purpose of the seminar is to discuss the impact of technological innovations on financial services, analyzing the opportunities and challenges brought to the sector by new technologies, both from an economic and legal standpoint. Maskin, the event’s international guest, will give the main lecture “Decisões Judiciais e Incentivos Econômicos” (“Legal Decisions and Economic Incentives”).

Before the lecture by the Nobel Laureate in Economics, the opening roundtable will be held, with the participation of Ellen Gracie Northfleet, former Minister of the Federal Supreme Court (STF), the appeals judges Clayton de Albuquerque Maranhão (TJPR/EMAP) and Cassio Colombo Filho (TRT-PR), Professor Carlos Ivan Simonsen Leal, President of FGV, and Professors Oscar Vilhena Vieira and Yoshiaki Nakano, Deans of FGV Direito SP and FGV EESP, respectively.

Following Maskin’s lecture, the first session of the event will be held to debate the topic “Direito, Tecnologia e o Setor Financeiro” (“Law, Technology and the Financial Sector”). The debate will be attended by Carol Conway (PagSeguro) and André Cano (Bradesco) and chaired Professor Maílson da Nóbrega (Tendências Consultoria). It will be followed by the panel “A Economia Digital e o Direito do Consumidor” (“Digital Economy and Consumer Law”), chaired by Minister Herman Benjamin (STJ), with the participation of Bruno Miragem (UFRGS) and Bruno Magrani (Nubank).

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