Opening of FGV center in Belo Horizonte marked by innovation and networking

“FGV is now present in Belo Horizonte, where it will pursue its mission of contributing to Brazil’s economic and social development,” said João Barroso, the director of FGV’s in-house education centers.
27 六月 2023
Opening of FGV center in Belo Horizonte marked by innovation and networking

Fundação Getulio Vargas celebrated the opening of its center in Belo Horizonte on June 15 with a striking event. The meeting featured speeches on hot topics and it was attended by Justice Antônio Anastasia of the Federal Audit Court.

The inaugural event began with a speech titled “Behavioral Economics: A New Perspective on Economic Decisions,” by José Feres, the coordinator of FGV EPGE’s undergraduate economics program. He explored concepts and approaches related to behavioral economics, providing valuable insights on decisions in the field of economics.

Justice Antônio Anastasia of the Federal Audit Court then shared his views on “Public Policies in Brazil’s Circumstances.” Anastasia, known for his vast experience in the political field, gave an in-depth analysis of the challenges faced by the country in implementing effective public policies.           

After the talks, there was a cocktail reception, allowing the professionals to network. The event was a significant occasion for FGV Executive Education in Belo Horizonte, reaffirming its commitment to providing high-quality, market-relevant educational programs.

“The job market will be greatly affected by our constantly changing world and the arrival of new technologies. This will require people to seek more and better qualifications, so they can compete in this highly challenging environment,” said João Barroso, the director of in-house education centers at FGV’s Institute for Educational Development (IDE).

“Our infrastructure has modern, high-tech and inviting rooms to serve executives, hosting the innovative programs and products that FGV has brought to the city of Belo Horizonte. It’s a welcoming space for networking, with a mini-auditorium and study booths. Students can come here and use the facilities at any time, and not just to discuss cases in the classes,” explained Elaine Sampaio, the superintendent of FGV Executive Education’s Belo Horizonte center.

In the state capital of Minas Gerais, FGV offers MBA courses in blended format, combining in-person classes with other classes transmitted via web conference and asynchronous activities. This product seeks to get the most out of live, in-person and online systems.

In each course, participants have live evening classes via Zoom to work on the studied concepts through real-time interactions with professors and other students, as well as in-person meetings on Saturdays, to discuss content and cases and to network. There are also more flexible online activities. The center also offers graduate courses, including MBAs in online and live formats, and a variety of short and medium non-degree courses.

The selection process is composed of three stages: applications, resume analysis and interviews. To find out more information, please call (31) 3500 3703 or 3708, or email


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