Qualihosp: 21st edition to be online and free and it will look at lifelong care

A finalidade é abordar sob diferentes ângulos, partindo de uma visão mais global o Sistema de Saúde, que será posteriormente ilustrado por meio de casos de organizações públicas e privadas, focando os cuidados integrados até o fim de vida. O ápice da discussão se dará com a abordagem do que realmente importa para cada ator do sistema, seja ele o paciente, usuário, ou o prestador
15 四月 2021
Qualihosp: 21st edition to be online and free and it will look at lifelong care

Between April 27 and 30, FGV EAESP’s Center for Health Planning and Management Studies (FGVSaúde) will hold QualiHosp 2021. This year, the event will be online and free of charge, and its main theme will be Lifelong Care: Coordination and Continuity. The idea is to approach this topic from different angles, starting from a broad view of the health system and subsequently illustrating aspects through cases of public and private sector organizations, focusing on integrated care until the end of life. Finally, the participants will discuss what really matters for each stakeholder in the system, including patients, users and service providers.

“At FGVSaúde, we have always organized events that deal with contemporary subjects. We seek to be plural and diverse, in terms of both the subjects covered and participants. Our events are always an opportunity to meet new people, even if not in person, as has been the case since 2020. Qualihosp 2021 will look at the hot topic of care continuity, from the time people are healthy at home to the time when they leave hospital and return home, hopefully healthy again,” says Ana Maria Malik, FGVSaúde’s coordinator and the president of Qualihosp’s Scientific Committee.

Laura Schiesari, the president of Qualihosp and an FGV professor, adds, “QualiHosp is one of the foremost events in the area of health management. It attracts professionals from many different Brazilian organizations and always addresses relevant and current topics for the sector. The Scientific Committee brings together professionals from more than 40 organizations, including universities, hospitals, associations and professional councils. In 2021, we will discuss a fundamental issue for health today. As the population ages and we experience the triple burden of disease, meaning growth in chronic non-communicable diseases and coexistence with contagious and infectious diseases, the users of health systems and services will need integrated, individualized and high-quality care.”

The event will feature the following renowned specialists: Alberto Ogata (professor at FGV and FGVSaúde), Ana Maria Malik (FGV Saúde’s coordinator, FGV professor and president of Qualihosp’s Scientific Committee), Ariane Mutti (Amil / UnitedHealth Group Brasil), Camila Sardenberg (Qualihosp’s Organizing Committee and Associação Congregação Santa Catarina), Daniel Fortes (Sírio-Libanês Hospital), Guilherme Espirito Santo (Qualihosp’s Organizing Committee and Rede Primavera Sergipe), Evandro Felix Penteado (professor at FGV and FGVSaúde, Qualihosp’s Organizing Committee, Sao Paulo Heart Hospital and UNIFESP), Kelly Rodrigues (FGVSaúde and Patient Centricity Consulting), Laura Schiesari (professor at FGV and FGVSaúde and president of Qualihosp), Ligia Maura Costa (coordinator of FGV’s Center for Studies in Ethics, Transparency, Integrity and Compliance and FGV professor), Luciana DaDalto (health consultant), Luciana Holtz de Camargo Barros (Oncoguia Institute), Maria Carolina Moreno (Qualihosp’s Organizing Committee and Portal Qualificação), Mariana Carrera (Qualihosp’s Organizing Committee and FGVSaúde), Sir Nigel Crisp (member of Britain’s House of Lords, All Party Parliamentary Group on Global Health and Nursing Now), Pedro Benedito Batista Jr (Prevent Senior), Ricardo Tavares (University of Sao Paulo Clinical Hospital), Rob George (St Christopher’s Hospice, United Kingdom), Rosa Marcucci (Sao Paulo Municipal Health Secretariat) and Yeda Duarte (University of Sao Paulo Public Health School).

For more information and to see the complete program of activities, click here. To sign up free of charge, click here.

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