Rent inflation rises in August and accumulates a 8.89% high in 12 months

Com este resultado, o índice acumula alta de 6,66% no ano e de 8,89% em 12 meses. Em agosto de 2017, o índice havia subido 0,10% e acumulava queda de 1,71% em 12 meses.
31 八月 2018
Rent inflation rises in August and accumulates a 8.89% high in 12 months

The General Market Price Index (IGP-M) varied 0.70% in August, compared to 0.51% last month. With this result, the index accrues a 6.66% high in the year and 8.89% in 12 months. In July 2017, the index had grown 0.10% and reached an accrued drop of 1.71% in 12 months.

The Broad Producer Price Index (IPA) rose from 0.50% in July to 1.00% in August. In the analysis by processing stages, the rate of the Final Goods group varied -0.12% in August, compared to -0.15% in the previous month. The main contribution to this result came from the fresh foods subgroup, which varied from -11.55% to -4.69% over the same period. The Final Goods (ex) category, which excludes the fresh foods and fuels subgroups for consumption, rose 0.24% in August, compared to 0.99% in the previous month.

The Intermediate Goods group fell from 2.11% in July to 0.80% in August. The main reason for such downturn was the materials and components for manufacturing subgroup, which dropped from 2.29% to 0.35%. The Intermediate Goods (ex) rate, excluding fuel and lubricants subgroup for production, rose 0.83% in August, compared to 2.15% in July.

The Gross Raw Materials category rose 2.61% in August. The index showed a 0.70% drop in July. Some of the main drivers behind such increase in the group were corn (kernels) (-9.53% to 3.68%), iron ore (-1.50% to 3.35%), and soy (beans) (-1.03% to 2.80%). The following items stood out in the opposite direction: poultry (8.12% to -0.81%), coffee (beans) (-1.84% to -4.91%) and wheat (grains) (3.17% to -1.29%).

The Consumer Price Index (CPI) varied 0.05% in August, compared to 0.44% in July. Four out of eight expense classes that make up the index recorded decreasing variation rates. The most significant variation was recorded in the Housing group (1.37% to 0.54%). A highlight in this expense class is the household power bill, which fell from 6.65% to 1.33%.

The Education, Reading and Recreation (1.07% to -0.41%), Transport (0.28% to -0.29%), and Communication (0.35% to 0.21%) groups also recorded decreasing variation rates. In these expense classes, the main contributors were the following items: airline ticket (20.15% to -16.59%), urban bus fare (2.08% to -0.32%), and cell phone bill (0.75% to -0.14%).

On the other hand, the Clothing (-0.84% to -0.44%), Food (-0.19% to -0.15%), Health and Personal Care (0.27% to 0.30%) and Miscellaneous Expenses (0.07% to 0.41%) categories recorded increasing variation rates. The main drivers in these categories were clothes (-1.15% to -0.58%), vegetables (-21.45% to -10.12%), hygiene and personal care items (-0.67% to 0.03%) and cigarettes (0.11% to 1.31%).

The Civil Construction Index (INCC) rose 0.30% in August, compared to 0.72% in July. Prices for Materials, Equipment and Services remained at 0.65%, compared to 0.97% in the previous month. The Manpower cost index did not show any variation, compared to 0.51% in the previous month.

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