Social impact of housing on low-income families’ lives is subject of online event

After more than a year immersed in qualitative research about scarcity and social impacts in a low-income community in Sao Paulo, FGV researchers will present some results, reflections and challenges regarding the development of a community following a process of land tenure regularization, in addition to the impact of scarcity on people’s lives
03 五月 2021
Social impact of housing on low-income families’ lives is subject of online event

On Tuesday, May 4, at 9 am, the Center for Entrepreneurship and New Ventures (FGVCenn) at Fundação Getulio Vargas’ Sao Paulo School of Business Administration (FGV EAESP) will hold a webinar called “Housing’s Impact on Life at the Base of the Social Pyramid.” The event aims to answer questions such as the following: What social impact does housing have on the lives of low-income families? How can we assess social impacts using qualitative research methodologies? How should we carry out scientific research and engage with social transformations during the pandemic?

As well as the results of this research, the webinar will present the perspective of a leader in a community that recently underwent a land tenure regularization process. The executive director of the Global Land Alliance (an organization that promotes regional development across the world) will also provide a global vision of housing’s and land’s relevance.

There will also be a panel discussion featuring social entrepreneurs in the area of housing, who will debate housing-related challenges and prospects in Brazil. These social entrepreneurs are Fenando Assad of Vivenda, Eduardo Ávila of Revolusolar and Daniel Albuquerque of Terra Nova.

To take part, please sign up here.

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