Social media, human rights and democracy in the G20 are subjects of virtual meeting

One of the aims of the meeting is to develop strategies to combat disinformation.
14 三月 2024
Social media, human rights and democracy in the G20 are subjects of virtual meeting

Fundação Getulio Vargas’ Rio de Janeiro Law School, in conjunction with the Media and Democracy Project at the School of Communication, Media and Information (FGV ECMI), is holding a webinar called “Information Integrity in the G20: Social Media, Human Rights and Democracy.”This meeting, to take place on March 22,at 10 a.m., on FGV’sYouTube channel, will bring together national and international experts with the aim of deepening discussions on the role of digital platform regulation in protecting human rights and strengthening the pillars of democracy in all G20 member nations.

The meeting will foster an in-depth discussion on how to devise resilient strategies to combat disinformation, improve the quality of public debate and develop a robust digital ecosystem to promote democratic values and practices on a global scale.


  • Professor Yasmin Curzi, coordinatorof the Diversity & Inclusion Programat the FGV Rio de Janeiro Law School


  • Professor Luca Belli,coordinator of theCenter for Technology and Society (CTS) at the FGV Rio de Janeiro Law School


  • Menno Cox, European Commission


  • Nina Santos, Desinformante


  • Ana Cristina Ruelas, UNESCO


  • Agustina del Campo, CELE


  • Rafael Evangelista, Brazilian CGI


  • Nicolas Suzor, Meta OB


  • Victor Piaia, FGV ECMI


  • Merrin Muhammed, IT for Change


  • Michael Bak, Forum for Information and Democracy

Media and Democracy Project

The project was launched in January 2023 with the main objective of facilitating in-depth discussions of crucial topics for Brazilian politics, including gender issues, racial disparities, minority groups’rights and hate speech.

The initiative involves systematic weekly monitoring of public discourse on social media, with the purpose of generating monthly resolutions to guide the project’s bimonthly meetings.

These meetings aim to formulate conclusive ideas for promoting social progress. FGV ECMI leads the execution of the project, while the FGV Rio de Janeiro Law School is responsible for making relevant analytical contributions,especially focused on gender-related issues. The project, which is expected to last for between one and three years, is actively encouraging high-quality public discourse and the strengthening of democratic principles.

To take part, please sign up here.

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