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  • Administration
    Guidelines for large infrastructure projects in the Amazon
  • Administration
    Alliance between civilians and military in conducting defense policy
  • Administration
    Do incentives to promote healthy eating work?

FGV Press


  • Administration
    Abilio Diniz
    Abilio Diniz, entrepreneur and former FGV student, says that to this day he uses what he learned at FGV.
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    Romain Etay (French)
    The exchange student shares his view on studying at FGV in Rio de Janeiro: "It is the only faculty that provides quality education, and with an international culture".

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Best Undergraduate PROGRAMS

FGV occupies the first places of the Brazilian Ministry of Education’s General Course Index (IGC)


Only Brazilian institution to rank among the top ten in Latin America in the QS Global 200 MBA Rankings


Top think tank in Latin America and among the top 10 in the world

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