Internal Control Division

The Internal Control Division (DCI) was created, within the Presidency, in 2016, with the objective of implementing a system of internal controls at FGV. The area has the following guidelines:

  • - FGV not only wishes to know that it is in compliance with laws, norms, procedures and other rules to which it is subject at a given moment, but to trust that the existing controls will show the need for adjustments with regard to legal aspects as well as administrative processes, research, teaching, & technical advice;
  • - The culture of processes with controls must permeate FGV and is crucial to the continuous growth of activities as well as expansion on different fronts; including the realization of activities in an interconnected way (one depends on the other) and complementary way (one can be used by the other), all within the just need of resources (without wastage);
  • - A base of processes with controls associated with the sentiment, already latent, of being part of FGV are essential points for the generation of an atmosphere of responsibility towards the common objectives of the institution;
  • - In a chain of responsibilities all are previously approved, even if a certain matter depends on another instance of decision; the certainty that there is prior care following approvals expands the possibility of delegation, avoids rework and prevents risks to the image and other apects.

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