Continuing Education Courses at FGV Schools

Rio de Janeiro Law School

Multidisciplinary education and professionals developed with the skills to deal with current and emerging issues in the context of globalization.

Sao Paulo Law School

The graduate courses favor innovative and transformational teaching, offering a wide theoretical repertoire based on a global strategic vision.

Continuing Education

FGV has an extensive portfolio of short and medium courses, which provide practical classes designed to quickly transform students into better-rounded and prepared professionals. The diversity of programs allows FGV to serve everyone from recent graduates to business leaders who wish to enhance their knowledge.

The courses are run in more than 100 municipalities in Brazil, in addition to Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and Brasília, through a network of affiliated institutions that work in partnership with FGV’s Institute for Educational Development.



  • Administration
    Romain Etay (French)
    The exchange student shares his view on studying at FGV in Rio de Janeiro: "It is the only faculty that provides quality education, and with an international culture".
  • Social Sciences
    Aleksandra Dominika (Polish)
    "I didn't actually plan to do another master's. It wasn't my intention. But I came here and met the people, found out about the course, and got interested."

Awards & Recognition


FGV occupies the first places of the Brazilian Ministry of Education’s General Course Index (IGC)


Only Brazilian institution to rank among the top ten in Latin America in the QS Global 200 MBA Rankings


Top think tank in Latin America and among the top 10 in the world