• Webinar | Female Leadership 22 Mar 2023 19:00 to 20:00
    Webinar | Female Leadership
    Location: - YouTube FGV
    Address: Address: Trasmissão Online
    Date: 22 March 2023
    Time: 19:00

    The webinar will discuss whether companies are prepared to promote gender equality and put it into practice. In an environment in which most executives are male, women do not receive the same growth and pay opportunities as their male counterparts. Companies are still in their infancy when it comes to female leadership.

    However, those that have realized that female power can be an instrument of transformation in business are reaping great results. Talks will be given by Mariana Torres, co-founder and executive director of Diversa Jobs, who has a master’s in gender studies and diversity; and financial planner Anna Carolina Campos. The moderator will be Paul Ferreira, the coordinator of the Professional Master’s in Administration at FGV EAESP.

    Mariana Torres - co-founder and executive director of Diversa Jobs 
    Anna Carolina Campos - Financial Planner

    Prof. Paul Ferreira - the coordinator of the Professional Master’s in Administration at FGV EAESP.


- YouTube FGV
Trasmissão Online

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