• Webinar | First Macroeconomic Analysis Seminar 09 Mar 2023 10:00 to 11:30
    Webinar | First Macroeconomic Analysis Seminar
    Location: - Youtube FGV
    Address: Address: Transmissão Online
    Date: 09 March 2023
    Time: 10:00

    Despite major challenges, the Brazilian economy beat expectations last year, standing out in relation to other countries and benefiting from external circumstances. The big question now is what economic policy will be like this year. There are high hopes with regard to the new fiscal framework that the government plans to submit to Congress later this month, since fiscal sustainability is essential to the country’s growth.

    The idea is to analyze the Brazilian economy’s prospects, the external situation, the recent rise in interest rates and the global slowdown (although there are already signs that this brake on the economy is becoming less intense).

    Armando Castelar - Associate researcher at FGV IBRE
    Silvia Matos - The coordinator of FGV IBRE’s Macro Bulletin
    José Júlio Senna - Head of the institute’s Center for Monetary Studies

    Adriana Fernandes - O Estado de S. Paulo special reporter and columnis


- Youtube FGV
Transmissão Online

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