Perguntas frequentes

  1. How can I verify if somebody studied at FGV?
  2. Does FGV work with the Brazilian Ministry of Education’s FIES student funding program?


  3. Does FGV consider National High School Exam (ENEM) scores when selecting students for its courses?


  4. Does FGV provide Wi-Fi at its facilities?

    Yes. Just ask for the login name and password at the front desk of each FGV building.

  5. Who should I talk to about announcing internship opportunities?
    • Sao Paulo

    Administration: Career Center
    Phone: +55 11 3799 7823

    Law: Center for Legal Practice
    Phone: +55 11 3799 2281 or +55 11 3799 2282

    Phone: +55 11 3799 3288


    • Rio de Janeiro:

    Administration, Economics, Mathematics, Social Sciences, and History:
    Phone: +55 21 3799 5672; +55 21 3799 5437; or +55 21 3799 5478

    Phone: +55 21 3799 5915

    Phone: +55 21 3799 5858 or +55 21 3799 5859
    E-mail: and

  6. Does FGV have parking areas for students?

    No. However, there are private long and short-stay parking facilities near FGV buildings.

  7. I am not an FGV student or professor. Can I use FGV’s libraries?

    Please see the rules for each FGV library:

    Sao Paulo - Karl A. Boedecker Library:

    Only FGV students, former students, professors and employees may visit the Karl A. Boedecker Library.

    Professors and graduate students at other education and research institutions may request access to the library and state their reasons for this by emailing

    If you wish to read any of the publications in our archives, you may use our library loan service. (For more information, in Portuguese, please visit this website.)


    Rio de Janeiro - Mario Henrique Simonsen Library:

    Professors, researchers and graduate students at other education and research institutions may use FGV’s library in Rio de Janeiro to consult its archives. Just present a declaration from the institution you are associated with, and the librarian will grant you access to consult the archives for a certain period.

    If you wish to use the home loan service for books and magazines, then as well as presenting a declaration from the institution you are associated with, you must also register, show proof of residence, and pay an annual fee of R$200. You will then receive an external user card, which will give you access to the library for one year, including on the Saturdays when it is open.

    Brasília Library:

    Professors, researchers and graduate students at other education institutions in the city of Brasília may use FGV’s library to consult its archives Monday to Friday. Loans are only possible for students and former students if they pay a fee of R$100 per semester.

    For more information, please call 61 3799 8128.


    FGV Digital Library

    Anyone can freely access the FGV Digital Repository. It is one of the digital research channels of the FGV Digital Library, whose main role is to index, preserve and share images, articles, dissertations, theses, videos, research reports, and databases. The Repository is the virtual environment that stores FGV’s academic output in a single place, in order to preserve and disseminate its institutional memory and identity. Anyone can access all the documents in the Digital Repository. You can also click on the Digital Library’s “Databases” link to browse through 154 databases.

  8. Does FGV provide accommodation for students?


  9. Does FGV rent out rooms for events?

    No, FGV does not rent out any rooms to third parties. Only institutional events are held at FGV.

  10. What is the procedure for organizing promotions inside and outside the school?
    • Sao Paulo: To hold a promotion inside and/or outside the school, please talk to the Communications and Marketing Division by calling +55 11 3799 4252 or emailing

    • Rio de Janeiro: To hold a promotion inside and/or outside the school, please talk to the Communications and Marketing Division by calling +55 21 3799 5463 or emailing


  1. Which programs and courses are offered in English at FGV?

    The following programs are offered in English at FGV.  Click on the course name for more information.


    - Sao Paulo:  Bachelor of Business Administration


    Master’s & PhDs

    - Rio de Janeiro: Master of Science (MSc) in Administration ; Ph.D. in Administration


    International Master’s & PhDs

    - Rio de Janeiro:  Corporate International Master's (CIM) ; Double Degree with CATÓLICA-LISBON and FGV EBAPE ; International Master's Program in Practicing Management (IMPM)
    - Sao Paulo: International Master in Finance ; Master’s Degree in International Management (MPGI)


    International MBAs

    - Rio de Janeiro:  Global Executive MBA - IMM
    - Sao Paulo: Global MBA ; OneMBA – Global Executive MBA Program


    Short Duration

    - Rio de Janeiro:  Law – International Modules
    - Sao Paulo: Doing Business in Brazil ; Global Law Program

  2. Does FGV validate foreign diplomas?

    Diplomas issued by foreign institutions can be validated by Brazilian universities that run recognized courses in the same area of knowledge or in a related area. FGV is classified as a school rather than a university, so it does not validate foreign diplomas.

  3. Does FGV have any exchange programs?

    Yes. Please enter in contact directly with the School that offers the course or program of interest.

    For a list of partner institutions, please click here.

  4. Does FGV have partnerships with companies to offer discounts on its non-degree and MBA courses?

    Yes. Our partner companies have discounts in line with rules established by the financial department responsible for each course. Ask your company’s HR area whether it has an agreement with FGV.

  5. Does FGV offer scholarships? Where can I get information about them?

    Yes. In Rio de Janeiro, we have scholarships for our Administration, Law, Economics, Social Sciences, and Applied Mathematics courses. In Sao Paulo, there are scholarships for our Business Administration, Public Administration, Law, and Economics courses. For more information, please visit this website.

  6. Can I do an MBA / graduate course if I don’t have an undergraduate degree?

    No. According to article 9, part VII, and article 44, part III of Law 9,394 of December 20, 1996, underpinned by CNE/CES Statement 263 of 2006, issued on May 18, 2007, published in the Brazilian federal government’s official gazette of May 21, 2007, these courses are only open to candidates who have an undergraduate degree or another higher education diploma, and who meet the requirements of the respective education institution.

  7. Can someone with a technology course diploma do an MBA / graduate course?

    Yes, provided that the course involved at least 1,600 class hours.

  8. How can I find out whether the courses given at affiliated schools and/or their faculty are genuinely certified by FGV?

    The courses run at affiliated schools that use the FGV Management brand have been certified by Fundação Getulio Vargas. You can find out the affiliated schools by clicking here. The institutions that are part of the network are responsible for the programs’ sales, logistics and operations. The content, professors and academic coordination are the exclusive responsibility of FGV.

  9. Does FGV offer any free courses?

    Yes. FGV offers free educational content and materials on the internet. To access FGV Online’s courses, please click here.

  10. Does FGV provide any preparatory courses for the Order of Attorneys of Brazil exam?

    No. This exam is organized by the Order of Attorneys of Brazil. You can find out information about the exam by calling 0800 2834628 (when in Brazil), Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 5:30 pm, or by emailing

    Website link.

  11. Can I request a transfer between affiliated schools?

    Yes, this is possible, but you should check whether there are any available places on the course you want to transfer to, and you should also consider academic, financial and any other aspects. Talk to the secretarial office at your affiliated school to obtain information on the necessary procedures for requesting a transfer.

  12. Can I request a transfer from another education institution to FGV?

    Yes. You should talk to your school’s academic records secretarial office to find out information on its mandatory procedures and requirements for making a transfer.

  13. Are FGV’s graduate and MBA courses approved and recognized by the Brazilian Ministry of Education?

    Yes. The courses are authorized and recognized by the ministry, and their teaching quality is accredited by international organizations that specialize in this subject.

  14. Do the courses have classes starting every semester?


  15. What are the payment forms and conditions for doing FGV’s CADEMP (short executive education) courses?

    Payments are made via bank deposit or credit card (* recurring payment on Visa and MasterCard), following registration on the website.

    Individuals may make their payments in up to three monthly installments.

    In the case of organizations, they need to provide a billing authorization letter. They will be billed 30 days after the start of the course.

    Email address in Rio de Janeiro:

    Email address in Sao Paulo:

    * Recurring credit card payments allow the fees to be paid monthly on the student’s card, without the total amount counting toward their credit limit.

  16. When can I make complaints about FGV’s affiliated schools?

    You can email the ombudsman office responsible for affiliated schools:

  17. Where can I get certificates showing I have participated in events (such as talks and seminars) held by FGV, and what is the deadline for this?

    To find out information on this, please contact the school that organized the event.

  18. How can I request a copy of a certificate for a course I have completed at FGV?

    Please contact the secretarial office responsible for the course.

  19. Where can I obtain information on the civil service exams organized by FGV?

    Please visit this website or call 0800 2834628 (when in Brazil).

  20. Where can I find out more about events at FGV?

    On this website, via this link.

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