DIREITO GV debates the inclusion policy of recyclable waste collectors in Colombia

30 August 2012

The Professor of Inclusive Business Clinic of DIREITO GV, Flavia Scabin, will attend a meeting in Colombia, where she will discuss inclusion models for recyclable material collectors in the public policies waste management.


Flavia will bring to the meeting, along with other guests from Brazil, Argentina and Ecuador, the experiences of other countries. The Colombian government is interested in drawing up its waste policy with the inclusion of the waste collectors. And it studies the experience of other places to be able to extract a reference for its own regulation, explains the program manager Glaucia Barros, from the Avina Foundation - one of the organizations supporting the event.

The research highlights the formation of legal and political processes required for an efficient project. I'll try to analyze the combination of the collective interests and the recyclers in the regulatory framework in order to establish an inclusive policy, says Flavia.


The meeting will be held in Bogotá on August 23 and 24 and aims to contribute to the improvement of the collectors' access to waste management systems in Latin American countries.


The promoters of the Initiative are the Water and Sanitation Division of the BID (Inter-American Development Bank), the Avina Foundation and Coca-Cola.

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