DIREITO RIO launches course with Tilburg and Northwestern universities

27 September 2012

From next year, DIREITO RIO will offer its students an opportunity to participate in an exchange: the School will organize the Winter Course on Human Rights and Human Security in partnership with Tilburg University, from The Netherlands, and the North-West University, from South Africa. The course aims to deepen students' knowledge and understanding about the current challenges of human security.

The course, which will be held in January 2013 at the Law School of Tilburg University, will be hosted by each institution every three years. It will explore trends, current facts, concerns and challenges in relation to human security, which will be analyzed from different angles, addressing Environmental Law, Human Rights, Intellectual Property Law and Criminal Law.

Furthermore, the role that companies, NGOs and international organizations can play to ensure human security will also be discussed. A cross-cultural perspective, comparing the African, Latin America and Europe methods will be offered.
For the first edition 10 students from DIREITO RIO will be selected. Tilburg University will finance accommodation, breakfast and lunch.

The DIREITO RIO's students interested in taking part of this program must send the documents described herein until October 12 to the teacher Paula Spieler (paula.spieler@fgv.br).

To apply for the vacancy, the student must already have had attended two years of the course by December 2012.

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