EAESP discusses measures to protect the financial system in Brazil

04 July 2013

On Wednesday, July 10, FGV's Business Administration School of São Paulo (EAESP) will hold a seminar entitled Basel III - experience and expectations in Brazil, with the objective of assessing the current status and expectations of implementing Basel III in the Brazilian financial system.

The event will feature the Brazilian Central Bank and representatives of financial institutions, consulting companies and academic institutions.

The Basel Agreements

The Basel Agreements III are a set of proposals for banking regulation reform and part of the initiative of the Financial Stability Forum (FSB) and the G20 to strengthen the financial system after the subprime crisis, triggered in 2006. The measures provided shall force banks to increase their capital reserves to protect themselves from crisis, and some were made more flexible in January this year.

About the event

The seminar Basel III - experience and expectations in Brazil, to be held in Portuguese, takes place at EAESP's main hall, from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

The meeting is sponsored by the Center for Risk Studies (NER), linked to EAESP' Finance Institute.

Click and learn more (available only in Portuguese).

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