EBAPE celebrates top grade in reaccreditation by the Ministry of Education

21 June 2013

The Brazilian School of Public and Business Administration (EBAPE) at Fundação Getulio Vargas celebrated on the evening of June 19th the top grade (five) awarded by the Brazilian Ministry of Education (MEC) for the school's reaccreditation. The ceremony was attended by FGV's directors, coordinators, professors, employees and partners ? who are all key to the institution's success. 

EBAPE's dean, professor Flávio Carvalho de Vasconcelos, handed trophies to each sector's representatives, both from the school and FGV, for their ?unparalleled? contribution to reach such outcome in a very complex regulatory environment as in Brazil. ?I have been making several international comparisons to schools in Europe and the United States, due to the accreditation process, and I can guarantee that our regulatory environment is one of the most complex I have ever seen. The main element in this case is how involved and serious the whole team was during the process?, he said.

Still according to Vasconcelos, the merit is also a landmark of an important phase for EBAPE. ?In Brazil, the number of schools with this level of accreditation is relatively small and the effort of everyone is a picture of it, this feeling that it is an essential activity for the entire institution?, he celebrates.

The honored were the vice-director, professor Álvaro Bruno Cyrino, on behalf of the assessment commission (CPA), professor Helena Giolito, on behalf of the Pedagogic Support Unit (NAP), professor Fernando Tenório, on behalf of Projeto CARITAS, the manager of the Office of Academic Records (SRA), Rodrigo Pamplona, on behalf of SRA, professor Armando Cunha, on behalf of EBAPE's professors, the employee Karla Matos, on behalf of EBAPE's employees, the student Carlos Pontes, on behalf of EBAPE's students, the student Camilla Tardeli, on behalf of FGV-Rio/ENACTUS Team, the student João Guimarães, on behalf of Copa FGV group, the student Pedro Melo, on behalf of Empresa Junior, and professor Antonio Freitas, on behalf the Dean's Office at FGV.

The ceremony took place at the lobby on the 12th floor of FGV's headquarters, in Rio de Janeiro ? Brazil.

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