EBAPE supports plurality of management studies in England

30 July 2013

FGV's Brazilian School of Public and Business Administration (EBAPE) conducted, this month, the session 'Decolonializing Management Studies, in the eighth edition of the International Critical Management Studies Conference - held at the University of Manchester.  At the event, Faria counted on the collaboration of professors Rafael Alcadipani (from FGV's São Paulo School of Business Administration, EAESP), Bill Cooke (Lancaster University) and Aninidita Banerjee (Lancaster University).

During the event, Alexandre further presented two studies: in co-authorship with Takeyoshi Imasato (UFRGS) and Ana Guedes (Unigranrio), he spoke about the strategies of large corporations in Brazil that encourage the involvement with local communities and that are linked to the mechanisms of soft power and the militarization of the neo-liberal agenda; and with the PhD student Sergio Wanderley, Faria defended the dialog between Critical Management Studies (CMS) and the theorization of Latin America's dependence for the production of critical knowledge.

The International Critical Management Studies Conference was attended by approximately 1,000 university students from different countries, who showed the urgent need for the inclusion of academic traditions and visions of the world excluded (or marginalized) by geopolitical mechanisms of knowledge, in order to build a multiple management field that responds to the crisis of the Euro-American type, and also promotes the rise of the rest of the world - a perspective that characterizes the line of the Critical Management Studies.

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