EPGE debates Public Policy and Economic Growth in Fortaleza

19 June 2013

Professor at FGV/EPGE - Graduate School of Economics, Pedro Cavalcanti Ferreira, attended the 6th CAEN-EPGE Meeting of Public Policy and Economic Growth in the city of Fortaleza, state of Ceará, on June 13 and 14.


Pedro Cavalcanti is part of the Organizing Committee and attended the opening, presiding over one of the tables on the second day of the meeting. At this table the following articles were presented: Total Factor Productivity and its Decomposition in Latin America and Accounting for income inequality: an application of the fields methodology to the recent fall of inequality in Brazil - the latter also written by Márcio Salvato, PhD in Economics through the School. Professor Carlos Eugênio da Costa joined the Scientific Committee at the meeting.


Organized by EPGE and the Graduate Course in Economics at the Federal University of Ceará (CAEN), the event relied on the participation of authors from various centers of teaching and research, which submitted theoretical or applied articles on topics of economic development and the role of public policies in promoting them.


The partnership, held since 2000, is an important instrument in strengthening teaching and research at the respective centers of higher education, with the goal of promoting a qualitative leap within the institutions.

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