Ethnography in law education is subject of Rio de Janeiro Law School?s publication

03 July 2013

The 8th volume of Cadernos FGV DIREITO RIO (Rio de Janeiro Law School) has just been released - a quarterly publication in print and digital copies. Its goal is to encourage the methodological debate on legal education in Brazil. This edition has been prepared by Professor Fernando Fontainha, with the theme Ethnography in law education.

The publication sought to condense and carefully consider the teaching experience of the ethnographic mini survey - direct observation of one day's work of legal professionals - which began when Professor Fontainha taught Political Sociology at Montpellier's Law School, during the first semesters of 2010 and 2011. Rio de Janeiro Law School students were asked to analyze what they directly observed in a legal environment with the texts studied in class.

Ethnography is qualitative research that involves long-term immersion of the researcher in the researched environment, developed by anthropologists, but also widely used by sociologists, explains Fernando Fontainha.

The article addresses the methodological and pedagogical potential of this exercise, as well as the activity's transposition project in order to teach Sociology of Law in Brazil.

Click here and read the publication. (available only in Portuguese)

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