Father's Day comes with cheaper gifts and more expensive services, according to IBRE

08 August 2013

The prices of most gift suggestions for Father's Day are below the average inflation accumulated by the Consumer Price Index (CPI), which was 5.86% between August 2012 and July 2013. That's what the Brazilian Institute of Economics (IBRE) at Fundação Getulio Vargas reveals.


However, if the idea is to celebrate going out to eat or going to the movies, for example, the scenario changes. Services are responsible for increasing the inflation of the list set up by IBRE's economist, André Braz. The average change of the most wanted products and services to celebrate the date increased 7.12% in the same CPI calculation period.


In the list of items, the prices of services that increased the most in 2013 were: concerts (12.60%), theater (11.06%), the movies (8.90%) and restaurant meals (8.85%). On the other hand, the gifts that became cheaper were cell phones (-3.32%), wine (0.47%), watches (0.62%) and cameras (1.3%).


According to Braz, the consumer should stay alert, since the product that showed the greatest price decrease is not always the best gift. A good gift is the one that fits in the budget without creating future debt, he says. For the consumers who go shopping, the economist prepared the following tips: Try to buy in cash, avoid installments, search for the lowest price and be creative, he advises.

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