FGV and Alcoa launch second edition of Juruti's Indicators monitoring

08 November 2012

On November 1, Fundação Getulio Vargas and Alcoa launched the second edition of the publication Juruti's Indicators - 2011 Monitoring. The event took place from 8:30 am to 11:00 am in the Auditorium Berrini of FGV in São Paulo, and it was attended by the coordinator of the Center for Sustainability Studies (GVces,) Mário Monzoni, and the President of Alcoa for Latin America and the Caribbean, Franklin Feder.


Held over four years, the work originates from the model Sustainable Juruti, a local development proposal for this city of Pará state which presented as a starting point the reflections and studies that preceded the arrival of a new development in Alcoa's mining region. The first monitoring was published in 2009 (based on the year 2008), the time when Juruti's Bauxite Mine was constructed. The second edition - launched now - presents information updated until 2010, the result of a survey conducted in 198 communities on topics such as Health, Education, Population, Environment, Agriculture and Economic Development.


Juruti's Indicators is a pioneering monitoring experience of local development, performed by the own population from a methodology developed by GVces. They (the indicators) show the importance of creating a public good so that the population may monitor the development, and becomes the protagonist of the development construction of the region where they live, says Mario Monzoni.


Juruti's Indicators are an essential tool for the joint construction model that was adopted in the region, fostering the integration among businesses, governments and the community, said Franklin Feder. Monitoring is a very important part of the model - which also includes the Sustainable Council of Juruti, which involves all parties, and Juruti's Sustainable Fund, which invests in local development projects, he explains.


In order to share the learning that have emerged from this work, a dialogue panel was also carried out with the participation of GVces, Alcoa, a representative of Juruti and a mediator expert in the subject of local development.

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