FGV and the UN will hold a Latin American event on climate change adaptation

17 May 2013

The Center for Sustainability Studies (GVces) at FGV?s School of Business Administration in São Paulo will hold, in partnership with the Secretariat of the United Nations Framework Convention On Climate Change (UNFCCC) - Nairobi Programme, the Latin American Forum for Climate Change Adaptation - focusing on the role of the private sector. Climate change comprises of a complex scenario that requires coordination among its various actors, and the composition of its different expertise and access to resources, in order to deal with risks, reduce negative impacts and create new ways to produce and distribute products and services. This must be the first in a sequence of events, from which Latin American organizations that operate and intend to work with Adaptation will be identified, said the coordinator of the Business Climate Platform (abbreviation in Portuguese), Mariana Nicolletti. Climate change is already a reality and the need for countries to adapt to this new scenario is imminent. In Latin America, the rising sea level, the highest frequency and intensity of rainfall, changing microclimates and the increase of droughts are some of the impacts that may affect each region and local economy differently. Considering that climate change is already a reality, scientific reports indicate that even if emissions of greenhouse gases stopped today, the temperature increase of the Earth would not be at a level considered safe (below 2ºC), the adaptation to new conditions is an indispensable component of the strategic plan and scope of activities by companies, governments and NGOs, Mariana said. Still according to her, the opinion that the government is responsible for investing in adaptation and coordinate actions is common; however, it is essential that the private sector rethinks its business models, preparing itself for the risks and consequences to its value chains, and for the opportunities brought by new demands and available resources. The adaptation has been treated primarily as a problem of public agencies and a major goal of the event is to promote the strengthening of activities in climate change adaptation in the private sector as part of the business strategy of Latin American companies, she explains. Although incipient, corporate involvement in the adaptation theme is growing and examples can be found in the Bank of Cases from the UNFCCC Private Sector Initiative, which will be presented during the meeting - an online tool launched last year, where adaptation cases and climate change initiatives undertaken by companies worldwide are exposed. In the meeting, UNFCCC and GVces intend to increase the number of business cases in the region. The forum is sponsored by the Consulate General of the United States of America in São Paulo, Fundação Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, of Valle, and will take place on June 26, in São Paulo. Click here to learn how to participate and register business initiatives.

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