FGV broadens cooperation with Africa and plans on training managers in Cape Verde

22 March 2013

On March 5, FGV participated in the 1st edition of the International Forum for Business Schools and Governance, Transformative Leadership Training - conducted by the School of Business and Governance at the University of Cape Verde (ENG). The meeting, held in the city of Praia, discussed the best practices for developing Business Schools and Governance as integral components in the economic transformation process of the country. DINT's Project Coordinator, Marcus Vinicius Rodrigues, and representatives of Minho University, Michigan University and Singapore Management University participated in the event. During the visit to Cape Verde, Marcus Vinicius also met with the Minister of Education, Antonio Correia, and the Prime Minister of Cape Verde and former student of EAESP, José Maria Neves, with the objective of presenting alternatives to increase the participation of FGV in the training of managers of public and private areas of Cape Verde. The initiative is part of FGV's international projection process, which has been consolidating partnerships with countries in South America and extending its integration in Africa, motivated by the prospect of growth and development of the economies of African countries. The cooperation of FGV with African countries, in general, and especially Portuguese speaking countries, gets an increasing significance in the context of sharing our expertise, experience and struggles with common challenges of outgrowth, transformation and development, says FGV's international director, professor Bianor Cavalcanti. Further in 2007, FGV helped create the National School of Administration (ENAD), in cooperation with Instituto Superior Profissional Politécnico from Angola (ISPAN).


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