FGV EBAPE represents Latin America at International Doctoral Consortium

19 April 2013

FGV?s Brazilian School of Public and Business Administration (EBAPE), in Rio de Janeiro, will participate in the 3rd International Doctoral Consortium, to be held on June 3-5 at Sobey School of Business at Queen Mary University in Canada. The School was invited by professor Alexandre Faria - Chair of the Critical Management Studies Division - due to the significant participation of EBAPE doctorates in the sessions at the Critical Management Studies Division in the Academy of Management Meetings.


As the only Latin American representative, EBAPE joins Queen Mary University of London, the UMASS-University of Massachusetts-Boston, the University of York, the University of Eastern Finland and the University of Athabasca to expand and strengthen this pioneering network dedicated to the training of doctorate students and emerging talents in Administration.


Doctorate students and professors of the institutions in the network will participate in the various workshops planned by the consortium in Halifax, which will also feature Professor Hugh Willmott from Cardiff University as a keynote speaker this year.

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