FGV Law School participates in a Brazilian-Italian seminar on capital markets

19 April 2013

Business Law Professor at DIREITO GV, FGV?s Law School in São Paulo, Danilo Borges, traveled to Italy to attend the seminar The regulation of the capital markets in Brazil and Italy: A comparative international analysis, on April 19 and 20.


The seminar is organized by DIREITO GV and Fondazione Bruno Visentini, from Italy, and sponsored by institutions like Senatto della Repubblica and institutes equivalent to CVM (Securities Commission), Febraban (Brazilian Federation of Banks) and CNI (National Confederation of Industries), in Brazil. The following people will attend the opening of the meeting - Luís Henrique Sobreira Lopes, representative of Brazilian Embassy in Italy,  and Michele Valensise, Secretary General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Italy,.

The cooperation agreement signed between the two institutions supports the development of a series of studies on the economic and legal environment, starting with a comprehensive study of the convergences and divergences in the regulation of the Brazilian capital market. Danilo Araújo will present the results of the first research conducted by the two foundations, through the partnership. The goal is to analyze aspects of the regulation of the Italian capital market which, in turn, follows many European Union guidelines. From this definition, we gathered professors, lawyers and researchers working in the area and organized an agenda of items to structure the document to be presented at the event. The most important is that this agenda was defined by DIREITO GV, he explains.


The work, which will be presented at the seminar, will address the main definitions of the capital market, as well as the history, functions, goals and history of Brazilian regulation; the securities definitions and public bids in Brazil; the secondary market for securities; the self-regulation issue of the government entities in the capital market; the Brazilian corporations; control and power within the corporations; duties and responsibilities of officers of corporations, and finally, the public bids to purchase traded companies' shares.


The team that participated in the research consists of Danilo Borges dos Santos Gomes de Araujo, DIREITO GV professor; Angela Donaggio and Ligia Paula Pires Pinto Sica, DIREITO GV researchers; Luis André Azevedo, specialist in business law at DIREITO GV; Marcelo Godke Veiga, lawyer; Rodrigo Monteiro de Castro, an expert in commercial law and former president of the Institute of Applied Corporate Law (IDSA); Sheila Cristina Neder Cerezetti, post-doctorate at the European University Institute and Walfrido Jorge Warde Jr., a lawyer and member of the Applied Corporate Law Institute.

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