FGV Law student gains a position at UNESCO

24 May 2013

A dream that will come true. Tomaz Fiszbaum, a fourth year student at FGV?s Law School in São Paulo (DIREITO GV) will go through this experience for a semester as an intern at UNESCO's (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) headquarters in Paris. Tomaz always dreamed of working at the organization one day, as he intends to pursue a diplomatic career, and he is looking forward to the opportunity achieved. More specifically, I'm going to work in the Youth Forum organization, which UNESCO organizes every year. I'm really excited because I'm going to work directly with welcoming guests and professors, and preparing material to evaluate the delegates, he says. For a person who wants to work with diplomacy, it is essential to have this experience, he adds.   The Youth Forum brings together young people from all over the world to share experiences, exchange ideas and submit proposals to UNESCO Member States. This year's meeting will be held in October in Paris, capital of France. For the first time in 14 years, it will be organized by the young people themselves, aged between 15 and 35, who elected the main themes for the forum through an online survey. Tomaz says he was in Paris in January and decided to go to UNESCO's headquarters to learn about internship opportunities. They told me I needed to send a resume to UN's website and that each institute linked to the United Nations has its own selection process. I sent my resume, and in April I got an email from UNESCO telling me that they were very interested in my profile, and that an internship opportunity related to the Forum had come up, and they asked me if I was still interested, he explains. In order to be accepted, the student had to submit his resume, language diplomas, an introductory letter in English and French, and finally participate in an interview via Skype with the managers. Tomaz is fluent in English, Spanish and French. Internship and exchange at Sciences Po Besides the internship, the student will participate in an exchange program at Sciences Po, located in the French capital, through DIREITO GV's International Relations Coordination. According to him, the fact of living in Paris in the second semester was crucial in achieving the position. One of the factors that contributed to my acceptance was the fact that I had passed the exchange program at Sciences Po, a renowned Social Sciences college.? For Frederico de Almeida, DIREITO GV's coordinator for this graduate degree, this achievement is one more advantage that the exchange program offers our students. The exchange program is the time in which the student takes advantage of the opportunities to meet more experts in the area in which he/she wants to act, network and sow opportunities that can bear fruit in the future. And Tomaz's achievement is emblematic. He went after his goals and he will also take the time to do an internship. Some students were able to study abroad and, subsequently, managed to take advantage of the opportunities opened up by the internship, he concludes.


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