FGV Online is awarded a prize for training program for the Ministry of Culture

02 July 2013

As a result of the Training Program in Public Equipment Management, developed and customized by FGV Online for the Ministry of Culture (MinC), it received the trophy Successful Initiatives as part of the Learning & Performance Award Brazil 2013/2014 - awarded by Micropower to the most innovative and successful projects in the field of educational solutions for professional training.

The training program was developed to meet MinC's challenge of helping prepare - in relation to the matrix and shared management of public facilities - of federal agencies and representatives from the communities surrounding the Unified Centers of Arts and Sports (CEUs), implemented by the federal government.


(The option of) distance learning paid attention to the challenges (of the Ministry) in implementing the CEUs, such as the training in public facilities management throughout Brazil, and the tools for qualifying management and customer care services of public facilities, said the general coordinator of Management and Social Mobilization of MinC's Cultural Infrastructure Board, Silvana Tamiazi.

According to her, the program developed by FGV Online further helped to deal with the lack of time of managers at the head of the CEUs to attend classroom training courses, in addition to stimulating the involvement of representatives from the surrounding communities with the qualification process and promote the exchange of experiences among participants.


The classes of the course have 40-50 students, grouped by state and/or region. As students are instigated by tutors to express opinions, give testimony and report their challenges and solutions, the distance platform becomes an important forum for information exchange and communication between public officials and the community, she explained.


The online training program, with a workload of 80 hours, lasts about six months, and its first offering, in April 2012, served 1,077 candidates in 271 municipalities of the country. By the end of 2013, FGV Online estimates the training of over 2,200 participants through the project.


The award was received by Silvana Tamiazi at a ceremony held in São Paulo - Brazil, with the participation of the project team responsible for the project in FGV Online.


* In the picture, Silvana Tamiazi and Maria Alice Mendes, from FGV Online

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