FGV portal gets new Work With Us section

21 October 2013

FGV's Communications and Marketing Division (DICOM), Human Resources Division (DREH) and Information and Communication Technology Department (TIC) have just launched the new 'Work With Us' section on FGV's portal in Portuguese, directed at disclosing opportunities for those interested in working at FGV, in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.

The new 'Work With Us' section of FGV's portal optimizes the work developed by DREH and also displays more efficiently the employment opportunities available at the institution, explains FGV's director of Communications and Marketing, Marcos Facó. Still according to him, the new version offers several advantages. Among the main new features, there is the opportunity to learn about and directly send résumés for the available positions, he emphasizes.  Facó further expects that the improvement in the provision of the service will make FGV's portal become more relevant to the public that accesses it. Since the beginning of the year, the 'Work With Us' section has received more than 25,000 visits, he reveals.

The Human Resources analyst and responsible for registration and the available positions at the main office, Mônica Quintanilha, says that the search for internships leads the 'Work With Us' section in Rio de Janeiro. The demand for internship programs in Rio is huge and FGV is able to fully attend this demand. Currently, around 80% of the interns eventually become part of the permanent staff, she says.

Luciana Domingues Gomes, on the other hand, - also an HR analyst and responsible for managing FGV's registration entries and vacant posts in São Paulo - says that the increased demand in the city is for people who already work in academic departments of other higher education institutions. But the trainees also find great chances of being hired, especially in the areas of executive education, she says.

FGV also discloses its employment opportunities in social networks - in particular in LinkedIn, via the groups FGV Oficial and FGV Alumni.

Please click below and learn about the Work With Us section on FGV's portal (in Portuguese).


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